The scenes of lightness

When I decide to express something through clay, I look for my answer in its roughness or fragility, its ephemerality, and its tension or lightness. Paper and soil represent their synergy. Paper gives me infinite shapes, and clay shows me prolific figures.

Scenes will eventually reveal as I continue folding papers subconsciously, and when they do, they are similar to the landscape of our hearts, they take me right back in as if I were standing there. That familiar feeling I get is a moment of freedom from gravity. Receiving messages from my subconscious which I long to give physical form.

I transform my chaotic inner thoughts to scenery using grains of soil, and place them as if they were a piece of paper and let it change in the hands of nature. It captures every moment and experience that has passed me by.

That is the scenes of lightness, that make my heart feel a little less heavy with a tiny wind blowing inside me.

Yukiya Izumita






泉田 之也