The scenes of lightness

When I try to create something, I go in the direction of thinness, roughness, and fragility, and seek answers with tension and lightness. Paper and soil speak for them, the former showing an infinite shape and the latter showing a rich appearance.

The scenery you will encounter by unknowingly folding the paper is similar to the nostalgic original scenery, and you can even get the illusion of standing there. The feeling that I always remember at that time is the liberation from the weight, and I want to take it as a message from the subconscious and put it into shape with all my might.

The chaotic scene in the ego is turned into particles of soil, arranged like a piece of paper, and the shape of the soil changed as it is, embracing all the experiences inside and keeping the flow of time there. ..

For me, it’s a light landscape itself, and I can feel the faint breeze flowing, which makes my heart a little lighter.

- Yukiya Izumita -